RL Contest Grade 3, 4, 5

Respect Life Lesson Guide
Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Help the children become aware that each child is unique in the sight of God and this uniqueness is best developed in the family. A child’s abilities and talents will be enhanced in life if those who care for them are sensitive to the gifts that each child possesses.

  1. Explain that each child has a special family that they have been placed in on this earth. Ask them to name their family members. Ask them something particular about each person.
  2. Ask the children what makes them feel good about being in their families. Ask them why they feel this way.
  3. Ask children to tell about special experiences (birthday parties, picnics, visits with extended family or friends).
  4. Talk about how they have grown and matured in life. Discuss reversing the attention from themselves to helping others. Instead of visiting a relative to play, do they go over to help with a new baby or to visit a sick person?
  5. Ask the class to write down some important thoughts about themselves and family members or to compose prayers about how they are thankful for the gift of life.
  6. Stress that caring and loving others is a reflection of God’s love. Ask if they can see this reflection in how they behave and how others behave toward them.
  7. Ask the children to share mementos of themselves and their families when they were babies. They can share pictures or a story from a family event.

Information on Life

From the moment of conception, God has made you unique. At a specific time, he placed you in a family and He has a plan that only you can fulfill. As you grow and mature, your gift of self, developed with the help of your parents will allow you to mature into the image of God himself. You will reflect God to others by helping those within your family and respecting yourself as His unique and sacred creation.

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