RL Contest Grade 6,7,8

Respect Life Lesson Guide
Grades 6th, 7th, and 8th

Give students an opportunity to explore their feelings about the world around them and the family in which they live. Share that God is the source of life and we are dependent on Him. Help students understand that life is lived fully only when we realize that we are stewards of life and its gifts and that each of us is accountable to God.

  1. Point out the most valuable gifts (life, breathing, faith, seeing, etc.) and have the students add to your list. Ask where the gifts come from.
  2. Discuss how respect for the uniqueness of each individual life is experienced in the family and in the community, i.e. twins are unique.
  3. Discuss the extended family. Discuss similarities and differences in families such as physical characteristics. How does sharing similarities (same color eyes, hair, etc. as a relative) contribute to a mutual love of those within the family? How does respect for differences help us recognize the uniqueness of God’s creation? Students can create a “family tree” of similarities and differences.
  4. Discuss that people are more than their physical or mental capabilities. Talk about the disabled, the elderly, the homeless, the mentally ill, etc. Allow time for group discussion. Show how these persons must be respected and viewed as part of God’s plan for His creation.
  5. Have students tell about civic activities in the parish community or school. Include service projects for Confirmation. How do these add to respect for life? How do they respond to what we are called by God to do?
  6. Have panels of students discuss Catholic teachings on life topics (physician assisted suicide, unborn, embryonic stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, euthanasia, abortifacient nature of the birth control pill).

Information on Life

We, the people of God, are stewards of life and are accountable for what we have been given. To fully experience this gift of life we must share what we have been given and respect all life. We do this when we understand that life is sacred and a gift from God our Creator.

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