RL Contest K, 1, 2

Respect Life Lesson Guides
Grades Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

Give the children an opportunity to explore the world of living things. Make them aware that all living things are constantly growing and changing—especially people.

Explain that God planned the cycle of change for all living things. As people live and grow each one continuously fulfills God’s plan.

  1. Point out familiar things in your environment that are growing and changing. What can a person do that a tree, plant or flower cannot?
  2. If a child is expecting a new family member, let them share how their family is getting ready.
  3. Discuss other stages and situations in life—teenagers, grandparents, people with disabilities, family members in nursing homes, disabled family members.
  4. Talk about “ME” and what changes have taken place (growth, appearances, etc.)
  5. Have children compose a prayer about the gift of life and share it.
  6. Have children share mementos of when each was a baby. Have them mention times that were especially enjoyable or important in their families or in our community (birthdays, parish activities, sibling’s events). Let them know that the family is God’s plan. Discuss how all children start very small and grow inside the mother. Once each is born they continue their growth in a family. Share that God gives each one a purpose in life.
  7. Relate that children are born and mature into people who think and act for the benefit of helping others.

Information on Life

All human life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. God calls us to love one another. We give and receive respect as a sign of that love. Expecting respect for ourselves and each other fosters an understanding of the need to respect life in all forms: the unborn, the sick and elderly, those with special needs and anyone who may seem different from us.


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