Billings Ovulation Method

Based on fifty years of ongoing research, Billings is the “pioneer’ method of modern NFP instruction. Most known for its ease of use, it is taught and used in more than 120 countries around the world. Couples taught this method by sisters in Mother Teresa’s order achieved a 99.4% effectiveness rate in a study by the World Health Organization. 

Billings Method™ utilizes observation of the woman’s cervical mucus.

Instruction is done in individual or group setting. Fees vary depending on teacher and scope of service.


Patricia Kuhlman, RN, BSN and Dr. Peter D. Kuhlman
Ponte Vedra Beach
(904) 285-7130

Susan Miller
(904) 860-6397

Dr. Marie and William Schretzmann
Lake City
(386) 867-5088

David and Marcela Medina
(Spanish and English)
Palm Coast
(386) 503-9089

Yesenia Williams
(Spanish and English)
(904) 370-3022
Can also be found at

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