Marquette Method

The Marquette Method brings modern technology to NFP by using urine fertility biomarkers to monitor hormone levels.  Through monitoring hormone levels and applying researched based protocols, the beginning and end of the fertile window in each cycle is determined and can be utilized to both help women achieve and avoid pregnancy.  While Marquette is known for its use of urinary hormone monitoring, these markers can be utilized with cervical mucus or basal body temperature to meet each woman’s unique needs and empower women to use what works best for them.  Marquette consists of various evidence-based protocols for different phases of fertility, from regular cycles to postpartum to perimenopause.  Marquette is highly effective, with 98-98.4% efficacy in regular cycles (Fehring, R. J., & Schneider, M. (2017). Effectiveness of a natural family planning service program. MCN, The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, 42(1), 43–49.  Marquette is only taught by trained healthcare professionals, such as bachelor-educated nurses or physicians.

Class structure and fees can vary by instructor.  Class typically consists of three to four sessions with ongoing follow-up and chart review as needed.


Sara Pietrowski, BSN, RN, MMCP (Diocese of Palm Beach)
Virtual instruction and follow-up